Charitable Giving

Monarch Investment and Management Group supports charities, and our communities, while building strong teams. Leasing agents at all of our 200+ properties are encouraged to keep a list at their fingertips of all available charities in their community who help residents make their rent payment, when in dire need. We ask that they track any organizations that help our tenants and inform our charity director, so that a donation can be made to that charity. We DO NOT give directly to tenants.

Regions and/or individual properties are encouraged to participate in at least one charitable activity per calendar year. Our main focus for giving is always keeping a roof over people’s heads and food in their stomachs, but MIMG supports many other charities as well. The activity should have 2 clear purposes:  To aid a worthy charity, and to encourage team members to work together for a cause they all find meaningful. 

If you have a specific charity which you believe fits our criteria, please contact Kathy Nicolls, Charity Director

Thank you.