Message From the Owner

Bob Nicolls

"We live the deal."

No one works harder on a project than a team that shares a stake in the outcome of the investment. This is what separates Monarch Investment & Management Group.

Because we have a financial commitment along with you, we are more motivated to find productive opportunities, more determined to do hands-on research, more precise about due diligence, and more dedicated to cost-effective management.

We are extremely selective about our acquisitions. We do hands-on research in every local market to establish the opportunity for asset performance and growth, before we consider any purchases. We will never acquire more properties than we know we can effectively manage.

We are similarly selective about recruiting our staff, including our Property, Regional and Asset Managers. We are proud of their dedication to quality management and its contribution to growing the value of our properties. In a competitive marketplace, we prevail through attention to detail and outstanding execution.

The majority of our investors are repeat investors, with many years of involvement with us. As you consider real estate as a part of your investment portfolio, we hope you will contact us to learn more about the opportunities available through Monarch.