Operations Philosophy

Monarch strives to operate as a cradle to grave investment company that improves the lives of its tenants, investors, and employees. It accomplishes this by doing the following:

  • Seeking continual NOI increases and cash on cash distributions by limiting expenses while providing a living environment better than those of local competitors
  • Finding, training, promoting, and retaining the best employees at both the site and corporate level
  • Providing expert support to our complexes in areas such as IT, Legal, and Marketing
  • Responding to administrative and maintenance issues promptly so as to increase resident satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Performing capital upgrade work such as roofing and painting in-house rather than through using third party contractors; not just to save costs but also to ensure the quality of the work completed
  • Controlling expenses by looking for administrative efficiencies and keeping the properties operating well with no deferred maintenance.